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Discrepancies in care between the rich and poor need to end

While everyone in the United States has the right to access medical care, it's long been a problem that money plays a pivotal role in the kind of care received. Two people with the same conditions may not receive the same care because one can't afford the medical visits while the other pays for extra services to get better, faster care.

Common causes of a brachial plexus birth injury

If you are expecting, you may worry about the birth of your child and what can go wrong. Some birth injuries occur simply by accident, through circumstances that no one could possibly control. Other injuries occur due to doctor negligence. For example, infant brachial plexus injuries might occur due to trauma that occurred prior to labor and delivery, or it could happen because of the doctor's actions during the birth.

Fat-shaming from doctors can result in failure to diagnose

Doctors are humans, which means that they make mistakes. They also have prejudices and personal opinions that can impact the quality of care patients receive. While codes of ethics at most hospitals preclude a doctor from refusing to treat patients because of the color of their skin or religion, those who are obese or extremely obese may face overt discrimination.

Off-label drugs and uterine tearing: Was your doctor to blame?

Pregnancy is typically a joyful and expectant time. Sure, there are unpleasant symptoms, like morning sickness and stretch marks, but most women still look forward to labor and delivery with growing excitement. For a small number of mothers, however, labor and delivery are where an otherwise healthy and perfect pregnancy can turn sour.