When a doctor makes a mistake, it can result in a serious health problem or even death.

How birth injuries happen

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Most pregnant women give birth without serious complications. For many, meeting their child for the first time becomes one of the best days of their lives. After months of discomfort and worry, holding a perfect new baby and feeling their heart swell with love makes everything worth it.

But not every pregnant woman gets to have this ending. Not all parents get to leave the hospital completely smitten with their new child and grateful for their birth experience.

For some new parents, tragic and critical mistakes caused by doctors and staff members turn every pregnant woman’s dream into a nightmare.

Birth injuries often result without warning. One minute, everything seems to be going as planned during the pregnancy, labor or delivery, and the next, the whole world seems to be crumbling as doctors and nurses rush around with panicked looks on their faces.

Birth injuries can be life ending, catastrophic, permanent or temporary, but in every single case, they are life changing.

A mother never forgets the moment she fears for the life of her child. As a law firm that represents families impacted by birth injuries, we can say that for a fact.

Birth injury causes

Brain-related birth injuries commonly occur during delivery when the baby does not receive enough oxygen to the brain. The most common brain-related injury caused by birth trauma is cerebral palsy.

Birth injuries can also result from improper use of tools like a vacuum extractor or forceps, improper mediation being administered, or improper handling of the infant.

Sadly, most birth injuries could have been avoided if physicians or medical professionals had properly monitored and treated fetal distress.

After a birth injury

Many birth injuries cause a lifetime of appointments, surgeries, treatments, equipment and therapists, all of which can be extremely expensive.

One of the only ways families have enough money to pay for these expenses is through an award from a lawsuit against the hospital or medical providers responsible for the tragedy.

There is no amount of money that can take away the grief caused by birth injuries, but the financial support can be crucial for families and children who desperately need it.