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December 2018 Archives

Heart mishap highlights gaps in donation process

People in Washington State who may themselves be in need of an organ transplant or who have loved ones waiting for new organs know all too well the importance of the human life. For many people on the wait list for a new organ, the receipt of such organ may literally be the difference between life and death. It would only stand to reason, then, that the process by which these organs are identified and transported be error-free as time matters greatly in many of these situations.

What are the four types of cerebral palsy?

When a child in Washington has cerebral palsy, it may be present at birth but go undetected for months or even a year or more. One of the key indicators that your baby may have cerebral palsy is a failure to meet developmental milestones like crawling, walking or rolling over.

Failure to diagnose is leading cause of malpractice suits

According to findings published in LiveScience, failure to diagnose is the number one cause of medical malpractice suits, accounting for 26 to 63 percent of all claims. The second most common cause of malpractice lawsuits is medication errors, such as adverse drug reactions and prescription errors. Researchers emphasize that individuals should not confuse malpractice suits with medical errors, which make up the vast majority of malpractice claims in Washington and throughout the United States.

Get a second opinion to avoid a misdiagnosis

As a patient with an injury or illness, you want to make sure you get the right care to resolve the problems you face. You go to your medical provider, and you make sure that your provider diagnoses the issue. The provider sends out the findings to get lab results or the opinion of other medical teams, too.

Surgical errors are "never events"

A major surgical error occurs when a surgeon fails to perform his or her duties according to generally accepted standards of good medical practice. At Miracle, Pruzan & Pruzan, we agree with hospital administrators and employees who refer to major surgical errors as "never events" because they should never happen in the first place. Nevertheless, the unfortunate reality is that "never events" do occur in hospitals around the country, including Washington. While they do not happen often, they happen more often than they should.

Husband seeks justice for wife's postpartum death

Expectant parents in Washington State should be able to enjoy the day that they bring their children into the world. However, for some people, the very day that should be one of the happiest days of their lives can too easily become one of the most tragic if either the mother or the baby experiences difficulties during or after birth. Should such a situation occur, prompt and appropriate medical response can be critical. The lack of this response is something people should be able to seek compensation for but apparently, not everyone can do so.

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