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August 2017 Archives

Reviewing hand hygiene standards for healthcare workers

You likely enter a hospital or medical center in Seattle with some basic expectations, such as having whomever assists you listen to your concerns and symptoms, and to recieve the highest level of care available. Even if a facility or staff seems unequipped to deliver one those, at the very least you expect that workers are washing their hands. Countless clients come to see us here at Miracle Pruzan and Pruzan after having suffered some sort of hospital-acquired infection, for which poor hand hygiene is often attributed as a cause. This may lead you to wonder just how clean are the hands that are treating you. 

Fat-shaming from doctors can result in failure to diagnose

Doctors are humans, which means that they make mistakes. They also have prejudices and personal opinions that can impact the quality of care patients receive. While codes of ethics at most hospitals preclude a doctor from refusing to treat patients because of the color of their skin or religion, those who are obese or extremely obese may face overt discrimination.

The details of misdiagnosis

With the devastating effects cancer can have on the body, a proper and timely diagnosis can make the difference between life or death. Washington, as well as the rest of the United States, does not hold all doctors accountable for misdiagnosis. In order to prove a diagnosis error, patients must prove that the doctor was negligent when he or she should have detected the illness, or show that the doctor properly diagnosed the illness but failed to provide adequate care.

Surgical errors: a matter of trust?

Doctors handle some of life's most crucial moments, which means they also stand as knowledgeable and experienced professionals that a community can trust. While a large majority of physicians and surgeouns are successful and loyal health professionals, some, unfortunately, are not as reliable. Studies and reports point toward various reasons why some Washington medical professionals simply cannot be trusted.