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January 2019 Archives

How can emergency department crowding affect your care?

Washington residents like you rely on hospitals when you need the care. If you require immediate attention for seemingly severe or acute issues, you have the emergency department to turn to. But lately, these departments are finding themselves overburdened and understaffed at great risk to you.

What is vaginal birth after cesarean?

Under certain circumstances, a woman who has previously delivered a baby via cesarean section can give birth to her second child, and any subsequent children, by vaginal delivery. If you are expecting a new baby in Washington and the idea of vaginal birth after cesarean appeals to you, ask your doctor if you are a good candidate. VBAC is not for everyone, and there are risks as well as potential benefits involved. 

Kidney inaccurately removed during surgery

People in Washington State who consent to undergo planned surgeries should receive a thorough explanation of what will take place during their operations, especially if they are expected to be sedated and not awake during the events. This knowledge and overview may help reduce a person's anxiety as it provides them some confirmation of what is going to happen. However, there may be times when a surgeon does not do what was explained.

Birth injuries and birth defects: What's the difference?

If your baby is born with a serious health issue, the most important thing on your mind is to get your baby feeling better -- and recovering from the health problem -- as quickly as possible. The thing is, health care for your baby could be extremely expensive and unaffordable if you're not extremely wealthy.

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