When a doctor makes a mistake, it can result in a serious health problem or even death.

Soccer team and staff sued for not noticing player’s concussion

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Athletes in Seattle may ultimately be more susceptible to injuries due to the physical nature of what they do. Fortunately, the organizations that they play for (particularly at the collegiate and professional levels) typically employ doctors and other healthcare professionals to evaluate injuries sustained during competition. The hope is that potentially major injuries can be spotted quickly before an athlete can return to action and risk hurting him or herself even further. However, if standard in-game evaluations are never conducted, and the players affected sustain further injuries, one could reasonably make a case for negligence against both the team doctors as well as the organizations involved.

Such is the claim being made by a former Major League Soccer player. In a lawsuit filed against his former team, its coach and trainer, as well as the team physician and his own private practice, they player alleges that he suffered a concussion during a match in 2009. Yet he claims that he was never evaluated on the sideline, nor was any follow-up testing conducted to determine if he had indeed sustained a concussion. Instead, he says he was sent back onto the field play too quickly, and as a result, developed worsened concussion symptoms. Those same symptoms prematurely ended his career, and continue to plague him to this day.

His subsequent legal action was allegedly botched by his attorneys at the time, and the player continues to work to have his case heard again. Those who initiate legal action following a case of medical malpractice may want to ensure that those representing them are fully capable of doing so. Once one has found a qualified lawyer, he or she may want to trust in said attorney’s skills and expertise in pressing forward with his or her case.  

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