When a doctor makes a mistake, it can result in a serious health problem or even death.

Forgotten cellphone and pager contributes to baby’s brain damage

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For all of the education and clinical training required of the doctors and surgeons currently practicing in Seattle’s clinics, hospitals and medical centers, it should be remembered that such professionals are still only human, and thus are subject to mistakes just like everyone else. The trouble is that their errors can have potentially devastating consequences that dramatically alter the lives of their patients. If and when such mistakes occur, those affected by them may not only want to know why, but may also be put in the position of being forced to seek compensation in order to effectively deal with the expenses that they produce.

The family of a young girl in Illinois is currently being made to deal with the consequences of a mistake made by one of the doctors tasked with her and her mother’s care during her delivery, even though his error had nothing to do with any care that they received. While she was still in labor, the girl’s mother and her attending nurse noticed a large pool of blood accumulating in her bed. It was later discovered that the child had suffered a fetal vessel rupture, which resulted in her losing almost 60 percent of her blood and caused her heart to stop. Even after her delivery, there were delays in her receiving more blood and being transferred to another facility. The net result was that the child suffered massive brain damage.

The neonatologist who had been tasked with caring for the mother could not be reached during the crisis due to the fact that he had left his cellphone and pager at the hospital before heading home. Those who end up suffering from preventable mistakes such as this may wish to work with an attorney should they choose to take action against their providers.

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