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Heart attacks in women may be missed

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With the prevalence of heart disease in America today, it is important for people in Washington to have a good understanding of some of the signs of a potential heart attack. It is also very important for people to know that the symptoms of a heart attack often vary quite a bit between men and women.

In fact, the Women’s Heart Foundation says that in many cases, a heart attack in a woman may be incorrectly identified as a panic attack. This type of misdiagnosis can have very severe consequences for people. The reason that this may happen is because some of the symptoms of a heart attack in women are very similar to those of a panic attack.

WebMD explains some of the signs that may indicate a woman is having a heart attack and also adds that all six may not be present so people should not rule out a heart attack if they only notice two or three signs. Lightheadness accompanied by shortness of breath and nausea may be some of the signs most commonly mistaken for a panic attack. Heart palpitations may also accompany these symptoms. A cold sweat and extreme fatigue may also be present.

While chest pain is something men may experience, in women it is not relegated only to the left side of the body. It may extend throughout the chest and even through the back, neck, jaw and both arms. Some women say that it feels like a vise grip is tightening around them.