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What are uterine ruptures?

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While most expectant mothers in Seattle look to childbirth as a joyous experience, the fact remains that serious complications can and do occur. Such complications include uterine ruptures, which can have tragic consequences for both mother and child under some circumstances. To this end, being aware of this complication, why it occurs and how it can be treated is vital if you are expecting.

According to Healthline.com, less than one percent of women will experience a uterine rupture while giving birth vaginally. However, it remains a very serious complication due to the risk of bleeding. In some cases uterine ruptures can even prove fatal, with symptoms including delayed labor, abnormal heart rates and pain within the abdominal area.

When scar tissue is present on the uterus, the risk of tears is increased greatly. If tearing does occur, the baby can be pushed from the uterus into the abdominal area. This typically results from numerous uterine surgeries such as multiple caesarian births. Accordingly, women who’ve had caesarian births in the past are often cautioned against attempting to give birth naturally. In addition to the increased bleeding risk for the mother, babies subjected to uterine ruptures face an even greater risk. In fact, up to six percent of babies die as a result of uterine ruptures.

In terms of treatment, emergency medical intervention is necessary to keep further complications from occurring should a uterine rupture take place. Excessive bleeding can either call for a blood transfusion, or a hysterectomy may be performed in extreme cases. Additionally, the baby must be removed from the abdomen immediately.