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Understanding brain aneurysms

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Many people in Washington may have heard references to brain aneurysms but may not really be familiar with what they are or how they might notice the symptoms of one. People who have brain aneurysms commonly are unaware of them because they can be free of symptoms until the problem becomes serious. 

According to WebMD, a brain aneursym develops when blood essentially pools in an area of an artery that is weak in the brain cavity. Over time, this may enlarge and create pressure in the artery leading possibly to an eruption of the artery. If the artery erupts, blood is released into the brain and a stroke results. A person may die from this or may experience damage to the brain.

As explained by the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, what symptoms there are can be so subtle that detecting an aneurysm may be tricky. The symptoms may also be attributable to other things if a person is not fully aware of the situation and what to watch for as a health care professional might be. Some things to watch for are changes that lead to pain in the neck or eye along with an extreme headache directed in one part of the head. Problems with speech and balance as well as an upset stomach may also be present.

People who smoke or have high blood pressure may be at an increased risk of developing a brain aneurysm. The same is true of women and other people who have family histories of these problems.