When a doctor makes a mistake, it can result in a serious health problem or even death.

Infection leads new parent to become quadraplegic

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Expectant parents in Washington State know that there is always some level of risk that a complication may occur during pregnancy, labor or delivery. For people who seek prenatal care and give birth at hospitals or birthing centers, there should be some level of security and a feeling of protection because they have experienced professionals around them during these experiences. Sadly, however, there are times when these professionals fail to properly protect either babies or their mothers.

A startling example of this can be seen in the case involving a family in the eastern part of Canada. Earlier this year, the woman gave birth to a baby boy. Now, approximately seven months later she is bedridden in a medical facility and completely unable to hold her infant son. The sequence of events that led to this situation is something that a new lawsuit alleges should never have happened.

After taking her newborn son home, the woman felt pains in her abdomen and went to the hospital only to be sent home for what providers there said was constipation. The following day, an emergency operation discovered that she had an infection that was eating her own flesh. After multiple operations, both of her legs and arms have been amputated. She has also had a hysterectomy. Some indicate that this was preventable by proper diagnosis at the outset.

People who experience extreme results after not being properly treated originally might want to talk with a lawyer in Washington to learn how they might seek compensation. 

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