When a doctor makes a mistake, it can result in a serious health problem or even death.

Mistakes any doctor can make

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Whether you have to go to the emergency room or visit your general practitioner in Seattle for a routine check up, you place a great deal of faith in doctors and other medical staff. You trust them to correctly diagnose any ailment you might suffer from or to prescribe the correct medicine. We sometimes forget that even doctors sometimes make mistakes.

Unfortunately, a minor mistake might turn into a serious matter or even be fatal.


A misdiagnosis is one of the most serious mistakes a doctor can make. Unfortunately, certain ailments share the same or similar symptoms but require extremely different treatment. For example, the symptoms of a heart attack in a female might closely resemble those of the flu, leading to a misdiagnosis.

Not treating the right patient

If you have ever set foot in a hospital emergency room, you know that it is a very busy and hectic place sometimes. When patients come in who have similar names, it is entirely too easy for doctors and other hospital staff to mix up the patients.

Prescribing incorrect medications

Certain medications do not mix well and can result in a patient suffering additional complications or even death. This is why if you are taking any kind of medications, even just an aspirin, you need to tell your doctor before he or she prescribes any additional drugs. Also, inform your medical provider about any allergies you have. Even if you take this step, your doctor might still make a mistake, so be sure you read the labels of additional medications you are prescribed.

Improper hygiene

Since people who are sick tend to end up in the hospital or at a clinic, these facilities are typically filled with germs. If medical staff rushes through the the proper hygiene protocols too fast, it is easy for them to make a mistake. Do not be shy about asking nurses or physicians to wash their hands before touching you if you did not see them do it. In addition, be sure to wash your own hands as soon as you complete your visit.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that doctors are human too and, as such, able to make mistakes. While knowing about these common errors might help you avoid them, it may be impossible to keep yourself safe 100 percent of the time. If you become a victim of medical malpractice, keep in mind that you might be able to take legal action.